Interested in E-commerce?

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You can try to sell your products with us through E-commerce in the Japanese market.

If you’re thinking of selling your products in the Japanese market via online shopping sites, please contact us. We can help you sell your products using the service and give you some feedback.

This service is for only test marketing.

1.Contact us.
Haruyo Ono, a marketer for E-commerce, you can contact me via Facebook @haruyoo.

2.Meeting online.
After sending us the detailed information on your product, we will confirm them first in connection with the Japanese laws and other related information. Then, we will discuss it and educate you on how to sell it on Skype, Zoom or Hangouts.

3.Try selling.
Mainly, we have 3 options when we try to sell products to Japanese.

– Use auction services.
– Making Landing Page and using PPC or SNS ads.
– Looking for a shop owner who has similar targets and interested in dealing with your product, and we offer him to sell it.

4.Send feedback.
We will send you some feedback.

How is the situation of online shopping in Japan?

– The volume of online shop industry – 15 trillion yen

– The EC rate (EC market size / Real market size) – 5.43% / US 9.9%, China 13.82%

Compare to the US & China, the EC industry in Japan is not as popular among consumers as a common way of shopping.

– The rate of Rakuten (Rakuten market size / EC market size) – 26.8%

Rakuten is the biggest online shopping mall in Japan.

– The rate of 3 big online malls (Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo total market size / EC market size) – 50%

The 3 big online malls have a very large market share, so it’s common for companies to open online shops at multiple platforms in Japan.